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New way of registering your homeschool

The Louisiana Department of Education is seeking to streamline its registration operation, and thus, has created an online registration form for our convenience, and their efficiency.  The change has raised several questions that will be addressed here:

1. Is the online registration required?

Both online and traditional paper forms are accepted.  The paper form can be printed by selecting the following link: 

Home Study Printable Form

Private School Printable Form

2. Was CHEF of LA involved in the development of the online registration?

Yes, our legislative liaison, Beryl Amedee, spent several hours with the LDOE staff in the development stage of the online process, working to insure that the laws regarding our freedoms were followed.  DOE staff members were cooperative in the process.

3. Does CHEF of LA have a stance on the online registration?

We fully support the online registration process.  All issues that we originally had with the process have been corrected.

4. Are both types of homeschool registration available online?

Yes, Approved Home Study and Registered Non-Public School (commonly referred to as Private School Option) are both available in online forms.   Clink of the name to go to the online form.

5. How do I include the required documents for Approved Home Study?

Approved Home Study requires a birth certificate on the initial application and other documents on subsequent years.  There are a variety of methods to include the items:

a. Use home scanner to create an attachable file.
b. Have items scanned by a business onto a storage device that can transfer the file to your computer.
c. Take a digital photograph of the items and attach it to the application.

6. Can I submit part of the information online, and the rest via mail?

No.  The process must be completed using a single method.