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Know Your Options

CHEF of LA is always on the lookout for legislation and cultural trends that either directly or indirectly impact your freedom to home educate. Much concern was raised in the past few years when education reform was “hot” in Louisiana; however, no actual threats to our freedoms appeared in any legislation or mandates.

On the other hand, we were not surprised when the Department of Education changed its website, burying valid and legal options on how you can register as a home educator. Whether it was intentional or just an oversight, it is nearly impossible to find information on the DOE site regarding the Non-Public School Option, or what we often refer to as the Private School Option. Because it has been widely known that the DOE has desired to eradicate that option, it would seem that the website changes were by design.

Nevertheless, it behooves us, as a homeschool community, to serve as an accurate resource for registration information for homeschoolers.  Make sure your member group has information readily available for those who inquire about either homeschooling option. One way is to refer them to the CHEF of LA website where we host this information.


CHEF of LA Facebook page, where legislative information is posted frequently.

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