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Group Leaders Meetings

Annual Leadership Meeting

Each year on the last Saturday in January, CHEF of Louisiana hosts the Leadership Meeting.  This annual meeting of the member groups with the state CHEF board is a time to conduct CHEF of Louisiana business with the member groups.  We will also use this time to give an annual review of what CHEF Louisiana has done, as well as present the agenda that CHEF of Louisiana would like to achieve in the new year.

Annual Homeschool Convention

Each year CHEF of Louisiana hosts and annual homeschool convention. The event promotes a book fair for the attendees to have hands-on time with curriculum and other useful items. The speakers present an enthusiastic message of inspiration or how to sessions. Each year, people are inspired and encouraged in their walk with Christ. Families are impacted tremendously by the messages presented. This event is for new and veteran homeschoolers alike. 

During the convention, we have an Annual CHEF of Louisiana Meeting for all leaders of local CHEF member groups.  Also, to show our appreciation to the local group leaders for serving their local homeschool community, we have a Leadership Luncheon on Saturday.

The convention is normally held the third weekend of April. 

Leadership Summit

CHEF of Louisiana hosts a leadership summit to facilitate sharing and communication between leaders of local groups. The summit is a two day event with interactive games, great food, and time for sharing amongst local leaders. Topics normally include: membership retention, newsletters, group activities, leadership development, website development, group communication, and much more.

The 2015 Leadership Summit is being held on August 21-22 at the beautiful Wesley Center in Woodworth, LA.  This is where we held last year's Summit.  The grounds are beautiful, the food is delicious and the accommodations are excellent.

Join leaders from around the state to sharpen your leadership skills, as we teach and inspire one another to enhance our homeschool groups.  Discussion groups will be led by leaders like you who have experienced a degree of success in a particular area.  As they share successes, discussion among the attendees will be focused on how to apply the information to your current situation.  Whether it be about newsletter, yearbook, events management, board structure, or addressing problems (or a variety of other pertinent topics), we will have a chance to learn from one another.  We all have something to give, and we all have something to gain.

Games will make it fun, information will make it productive, and relationships will make it memorable. 

A fun program is offered for the kids to make it a family getaway.