Local Events

NLCH (Monroe Area)

IT's Time.... to clean off your shelves and find some things to sell!!!

Wednesday MAY 15

10:to 3 (set up begins that morning at 8:30...we will begin disbursing your funds at 2:30)

Edgewood Baptist Church

This is the spot to let me know you need space.  There is no cost to reserve a table.  Just post your name and whether you need 1/2 table or a whole table.

ALSO..... here are some details that might help while you are pulling books off your shelves and organizing for the sale.....

  1. EACH item you are selling must be labeled with your name and price.  Any type of label is fine.  I just need your first initial and last name and a price.  Sets should be indicated (1st instance, the label might read J McCann set 1 of 3 then put a label on the 2nd and 3rd item and then rubber band them all together). For moms who are new to our sale....any type of book, game, movie etc... is suitable to be sold.  It is not JUST homeschool curriculum --- if you are wondering if your item is okay to sell, just shoot me an email.
  2. Organization helps.  If you can pack your things in a box that will allow moms to flip through them like a file cabinet...especially if you have multiple items.  You can use boxes, file crates etc.. And if you have these many items and you want to get really organized...you can do a math box, a language arts box, etc.. etc..   I am not saying this is a must...but it will help us utilize our space and help your items be more visual.   We will not only be using tables to display our items but those who do bring their things in boxes can have their box sit in a chair....
  3. CASH.  Paying for your items with cash is very helpful.  However, we will accept a check.  Just keep in mind that no checks can be accepted after  1:30 as we will have to go to bank and cash all checks in order to do payout for moms who sold items.
  4. Empty tote bag....this will help YOU!  Having a shopping bag to put things you want in while you shop is a great idea.  if your pile gets enormous (and mine sometimes does) We can stack it at the checkout table.
  5. There will be a free item area.  I plan to put it outside the fellowship hall in that covered area between the two buildings (unless that day finds us with a rainy breezy day) so as you are arriving, you can leave nay free items out there neatly.
  6. There will be an area in the gym where your children can play and visit while you shop.
  7. Feel free to share this info with your friends....even non-homeschooling moms might be interested in a book sale.  The more shoppers we have, the more money you can make to buy more books!!! :)

If you have any questions, please feel free to post here or email me off loop.  bjbjmccann@gmail.com

Baton Rouge Area

CHEF of Baton Rouge Used Curriculum Sale

June 22 from 9 to 1130
Goodwood Baptist Church in Baton Rouge. 

We would like to offer selling opportunities to others around the state.  Last year we had about half of our 45 sellers from other CHEF groups. 

Admission to shop is $2.  If interested in selling, they can contact CHEFBooksale@gmail.com