Group Leaders Communication

As part of our listening to your needs, we were asked to better explain the different types of communication for CHEF of Louisiana member groups. Below we list the different methods groups can use to communicate with CHEF of Louisiana. If you have further questions please e-mail the

Below is a list of the different methods groups can use to communicate with CHEF of Louisiana

Leaders Email Loop

Join the Leaders Loop!  CHEF of Louisiana will communicate with local group leaders using this loop.  It will also be a great place to share events your group would like to open to other groups. Insure all the leaders in your group and area join in.  To distribute information or questions, simply send an email to and everyone on the Loop will receive the email.  Rules apply because it is a open forum.  We work to have a safe place to share ideas and comments.   If you reply to an email from the Loop, that email will go back to the loop for everyone to receive.

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The E-Informer is the newsletter CHEF of Louisiana sends out to inform the general membership and the public of news, events, opportunities, and articles that CHEF of Louisiana deems important to its member groups.  Each local group member should receive a copy after we receive their registration information.  It is also available to any person that signs up at Membership in a CHEF group is not required.  Consider including items from the E-informer in your local group newsletter

CHEF of Louisiana Board Contact Information

888 876-2433 CHEF of Louisiana