South Louisiana Flooding Disaster


Here's an update on the curriculum giveaway, and how you can still help: Flood Response Alert (updated 9/12)

And here are the forms:

We are still accepting financial donations! The Home School Foundation's Ambassador Fund is set up to funnel all funds directly to those in need. Select Louisiana as the stateand 100% of the funds you contribute will go to those homeschooling families who have been identified as having flood-related needs.

Thanks so much for contributing!

For flood victims: 

  • A local accountant suggests using this helpful spreadsheet to itemize your losses. It will be needed for your 2016 tax return, your insurance claim, and possibly for FEMA. Document everything you lost, including information like brand names, type and serial numbers.
  • IRS Publication about Casualty Losses

Distributing donated curriculum

September 3rd curriculum distribution in Baton Rouge. A wide variety of books, curriculum, and games were available for families affected by the flood.

September 3. Jan Smith helps someone register for financial assistance through the Home School Foundation's Ambassador program.




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Join Our Team!
CHEF of Louisiana exists to Protect, Promote, & Support the Louisiana homeschooling community. As homeschooling continues to grow in Louisiana, we are finding that we need more hands on deck to help us effectively do our job. 
So we are asking for volunteers in the following areas. See descriptions and instructions on applying in the links below:
These positions are for individuals with web or social media experience who want to use their abilities to make a difference in the homeschooling community statewide. Experience and personal drive are required. Teens or adults with expertise in graphics or online communication are needed to expand the effectiveness and influence of CHEF of LA in both the homeschooling community and the general public. 



CHEF of Louisiana

Christian Home Educators Fellowship of Louisiana (CHEF of LA) is a non-profit organization that is comprised of Christian homeschool support groups across Louisiana.  We represent over 1200 families who are educating their children at home, and are members of support groups affiliated with our organization.

CHEF of LA serves the local support groups by providing training events, homeschool information materials, media support, and legislative representation, in keeping with our mission to “protect and promote homeschooling” in Louisiana.

Our volunteer staff is available to assist our member groups with issues they face, whether it be a matter of group organization or matters with the state or community.  For example, we recently navigated an issue with the Department of Motor Vehicles regarding homeschool students applying for a driver’s license.  Also, we recently testified in court for a family in a custody hearing over a family’s decision to homeschool.

Much of our work is behind the scenes, making the world of the current day homeschool family safe.  We work to see that your membership fees are well invested in your future.

Because we are a volunteer organization, we welcome your participation in the work, and would love to put your skills and talents to work in accomplishing our mission.  So please let us know how you can help.  We are always looking for people with skills of organization, computers, graphic art, writing, editing, and relationship networking.